Lemon Grass Immune System, Muscles and Bones

So my education of essential oils continues. Recently a friend told me about how Lemongrass helped her with her plantar fasciitis. If you have ever had this believe me you want anything that will help you for the reason your feet literally hurt just to walk on them after you have been sitting is even worse. So since I suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis I thought I would give it a try.

I put a couple of drops on my instep and heal and it was weird I thought at first nothing was happening and then the pain just started to go away. Now this is in no way a cure, but let me tell you the relief you get from using the Lemongrass is heavenly. When your feet hurt it is hard to try to get through your day because your mind is on what can I do to relieve this constant pain in my feet.

Here is a little history on Lemongrass I found interesting:

Lemongrass has been used for infectious illnesses and fever, as an insecticide, and as a sedative to the central nervous system. Lemongrass helps with circulation, improving digestion, improving eyesight fevers, flatulence, headaches, clearing infections, repairing ligaments, waking up the lymphatic system, getting the oxygen flowing, respiratory problems, sore throats, tissue regeneration and water retention.

So as you can see Lemongrass is a good oil to have in your collection. Remember if you would like this or any other essential oil products visit me at Life’s Enhancing Oils or contact via facebook @LifesEnhancingOils or simply private message me.

* Modern Essentials, eighth addition, 2016,*

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