Lemon Grass Immune System, Muscles and Bones

So my education of essential oils continues. Recently a friend told me about how Lemongrass helped her with her plantar fasciitis. If you have ever had this believe me you want anything that will help you for the reason your feet literally hurt just to walk on them after you have been sitting is even worse. So since I suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis I thought I would give it a try.

I put a couple of drops on my instep and heal and it was weird I thought at first nothing was happening and then the pain just started to go away. Now this is in no way a cure, but let me tell you the relief you get from using the Lemongrass is heavenly. When your feet hurt it is hard to try to get through your day because your mind is on what can I do to relieve this constant pain in my feet.

Here is a little history on Lemongrass I found interesting:

Lemongrass has been used for infectious illnesses and fever, as an insecticide, and as a sedative to the central nervous system. Lemongrass helps with circulation, improving digestion, improving eyesight fevers, flatulence, headaches, clearing infections, repairing ligaments, waking up the lymphatic system, getting the oxygen flowing, respiratory problems, sore throats, tissue regeneration and water retention.

So as you can see Lemongrass is a good oil to have in your collection. Remember if you would like this or any other essential oil products visit me at Life’s Enhancing Oils or contact via facebook @LifesEnhancingOils or simply private message me.

* Modern Essentials, eighth addition, 2016,*

Breathe – doTERRA Style

Lately I have had quite a few inquires about doTERRA’s Breathe. It’s that time of year again when children have gone back to school and viruses run rapid through the schools. Not to mention with all the wild fires here in Montana our air quality is not the best. For those that suffer from asthma or any other respiratory illness the smoke greatly affects their everyday lives.

This is where doTERRA’s Breathe comes into play. Breathe is the best thing I have found to help fight against congestion in infants as well as adults. You can feel the results almost instantly, lungs opening up making it easier to breathe.

Breathe is a remarkable blend of essential oils that maintains feeling of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. doTERRA’s Breathe can be applied topically to the chest, back or bottom of feet, or diffused at nighttime to calm the senses and promote a restful sleep.

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The History of Black Pepper

Here are some quick facts:

Botanical Family: Piperaceae

Extraction Method used by doTERRA: Steam distillation from berries

Common Primary Uses: Inhaled vapor reduces cravings for cigarettes

Common Application methods:

Dilute with a carrier oil for children and for those with sensitive skin. Apply to reflex points and/or directly on area of concern. Mix very sparingly with juniper and lavender in a bath to help with chills or to warm on up in the winter.

Diffuse, or inhale the aroma directly.

Use as a flavoring in cooking

Historical Uses: Pepper has been used for thousands of years for malaria, cholera, and several digestive problems.

It blends well with Fennel, frankincense, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, sandalwood, and other spice oils.

*This information was taken from Modern Essentials 8th Edition, February 2017*

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Customized Pain Relief Rub Using doTerra’s Essential Oils

Today I choose this pain rub recipe to blog because it is truly amazing! I recently had an injury to my knee that kept me from working. I was taking prescription medication along with ibuprofen  nothing was really touching the deep bone pain I was having. Then my friend who is also a doTerra Wellness Advocate shared this recipe with me. I cannot tell you how much this helped. I was able to cut back on my prescription medication and quit the ibuprofen.  It is better than any over the counter pain relief cream you can buy for the reason that you are able to customize it to your specific needs. One size does not fit all!

Try this out and email me your results lifesenhancingoils@outlook.com let me know what you think. And as always visit @LifesEnhancingOils like and share my page so that I can continue to bring you great DIY’s and general information.

Customized Pain Relief Rub

* This recipe makes 1/4 Cup *

* The 5 different categories of oils in this recipe are meant to work TOGETHER to address ALL areas of pain relief.*

ESSENTIAL OIL  Ingredients: ( Purchase your therapeutic-grade essential oils from Life’s Enhancing Oils, https://www.mydoterra.com/lifesenhancingoils)

30 Drops of Pain Relieving Oil (Pick One of the following oils):

  • For Bone Pain: “Soothing” Blend or Wintergreen
  • For Chronic Pain: “Soothing” Blend, Wintergreen or Cypress
  • For Joint Pain: “Soothing” Blend, Wintergreen or Roman Chamomile
  • For Muscle Pain: “Soothing” Blend White Fir, or Clove
  • For Cartilage Pain: Wintergreen

15 Drops of a Calming and Tension Relief: Marjoram, Lavender, or Helichrysum (Pick One of the following oils):

  • For Shoulder & Neck Tension Relief: Marjoram
  • For a Muscle Tear Relief: Lemongrass or Ginger
  • For Spasm Relief: Basil, Marjoram or Roman Chamomile
  • For Ligament Relief: Lemongrass

15 Drops of a Anti-inflammatory (Pick One of the following oils):

  • Eucalyptus
  • Frankincense
  • Melaleuca
  • Myrrh

15 Drops of an Essential Oils to Improve Circulation (Pick One of the following oils):

  • Cypress
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

10 Drops of Peppermint – Peppermint is a “driving” oil and is a great addition to this recipe to “drive” all these oils in and to add that “cooling” sensation

Other Ingredients Needed:

.25 ounce of beeswax

.5 ounce (or 1/8 cups) of coconut oil


  1. Put the coconut oil and the beeswax in a small post and heat on low until melted and blended together. Don’t get it too hot. Just enough to melt.
  2. Allow to cool for a few minutes. Don’t let it start to thickening though
  3. Add the essential oils to the mixture. Stir.
  4. Pour into a wide mouth 1/2 pint jar
  5. Scoop a small amount and rub in deeply.


  • The 5 different categories of oils in this recipe are meant to work TOGETHER to address ALL areas of pain relief.
  • Since this recipe is a “create-you-own” it’s very easy to “play” with the ingredients. You will feel a LIGHT tingling with this, but it’s not intense. So if you want a STRONG tingle, then use more of your Pain-Relieving oils and less of one of the other oils.
  • This recipe is less than a 50:50 dilution
  • If you need more of an anti-inflammatory rub, then use more of your anti-inflammatory drops and loss of another one
  • Make this work for YOUR body. We are not a one-size-fits all.

* The credit for this recipe goes to the Paleo Mom fb page*